About Us


"We've been bitten by ants
and stung by bees,
Strangled by blackberries
whilst saving trees;
Worn out our blunnies,
holed many a glove,
Surveyed flora and fauna
below and above.

We clear gorse from tracks
and collect tiny seeds.
This is no battle…
it's war against weeds!
We sow and nurture
strong seedlings to grow,
Protecting with bags
around which we hoe.

We move mountains of mulch
in this enterprise.
And what about willows!
Now let's visualise…
This beautiful bush
with healthy understorey
Thankfully restored
to her former glory."

Kerryall Cordell


Our group creates this website in celebration of its achievements, its volunteers and those who have supported them. We take pride in our influence on the often undramatic but effective turn-around in our environment and in community attitudes. Our satisfaction is minuscule compared to the widespread additional self-esteem of community members and their valuing and understanding of their unique inheritance.

We cherish happy memories of Heather Lewis, Mary Cameron, Marian Elliget and Paul Strong who opened our eyes and taught us to value and protect our environment. We acknowledge their encouragement and celebrate their inspirational lives through our contribution to our "special patch" of nature.



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