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The Lilydale Landcare Group began in February 1995, as a response to a community concern over a management decision by Launceston City Council at the Lilydale Falls. As a result the Group became involved in the management of Merthyr Park, a 47.5 hectare reserve located 2.5km north west of Lilydale. The land had been given to the Lilydale community by Lord Merthyr of Wales in 1938 for the enjoyment of the people of Lilydale for all time.

Lilydale Landcare embraces people of all ages.

The Lilydale Landcare Group accepted the challenge to work on the northern side of the reserve on the basis of the biodiversity, environmental values and the unique social potential inherent in this community owned property. Over the years the group has established relationships with other community organisations, local and state government, the local school, business and individuals. Through these partnerships the group has been able to turn around the degradation and neglect that affected the Park, and the community attitudes towards it and towards issues around conservation and protection of the natural environment.

Merthyr Park has been the flagship initiative so that the community now has a sense of ownership and pride in the reserve.

Our ongoing volunteer commitment to the preservation of the Merthyr Park bushland is a celebration of the inspirational lives of Paul Strong, Marian Elliget and Mary Cameron, who opened our eyes and taught us to value our environment. We acknowledge their encouragement through our contribution to our "special patch".


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