A sub-committee of the Lilydale District Progress Association Inc
c/o Post Office, Lilydale, Tasmania, Australia, 7268
Ph: 03 6395 6278 • E-mail: lilydale_history_g@tasmail.com

In 1998, the Lilydale Progress Association felt there was a need for a history group to represent the wider region of the Lilydale Municipality. Thus eventuated the Lilydale History Forum, which changed its name to become known as the Lilydale History Group.


Interested in the history of Lilydale or surrounding areas?
The Lilydale History Group meets from 7.30 pm on the 3rd Friday of May and August, and from 8pm in November and February, at the Old Courthouse, Lilydale. In months in which we don't meet we have informal group days or evenings (check the Lilydale Progressive for dates and times) where members of the public are most welcome to attend and discuss local history. Non-members are welcome to attend to discuss any aspects of the history of the district.

We have access to many resources on local history and e-mail enquiries are encouraged.

Have you any Photos of Lilydale?
We have a growing archive of Photographic material depicting Lilydale and surrounding areas. If you would like to add to our collection please contact us so arrangements can be made to duplicate your material.

Written Material & Artefacts?
Do you have letters, postcards, posters, family histories, diaries, log books, maps, books, newspaper articles, documents, mementos of family, agricultural or military life? We would love to hear from you.

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